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EAE Foundation (registered charity) is pleased to inform the public and our members that on 14.4.22 our building at 949 Green Lane, Dagenham, RM8 1DJ was granted planning permission by the local authority (LBBD) for the carrying out development to become a community centre and a place of worship. Once this process is completed the centre beside being a place of worship will provide variety of services for the benefit of the local population. These include food bank, coffee morning sessions, Satellite services (Housing, Benefit, Councillors’ surgery), Youth, Women groups and Health awareness sessions. Other services will include English and other language courses, sports, Homework club, open days and other services needed by the local community as seen necessary. We aim to complete the development process within one year depending how early we secure funding needed. We welcome partnership working with other organisations and service user involvement in activities delivered at the centre. We also need volunteers to carry out these different activities. More information to follow. For suggestions or queries please contact us on info@eaef.org.uk. For donations visit our website.


On top of providing a tailored service for every one of our students, we also focus on changing a student’s perception of the subject. We understand that true success in anything requires real interest and passion. Our tutors find ways to support the students to enjoy learning.

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Health Education

The aim is to increase awareness on conditions that are common in our community and promote healthy living. The information given allows people to understand risk factors and good practices thus enabling them to make informed choices.

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Education & Training

We support children of all levels in their educational needs. We equip students with the spirit of supporting one another, be ready and inspired to learn new skills and be able to deal with new challenges. We also support adults to access higher education in colleges and universities.

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