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International Women’s Day 7.03.2021

On 7.3.2021 we are organising a zoom meeting to mark International Women’s Day. For the last two years COVID-19 pandemic has been a major issue in the UK and the lockdown that followed has affected the lives of many including residents of Barking & Dagenham. Women, especially those from BAME communities have been hit hard by the pandemic and the Lockdown, thus impacting on their social, health, economical and psychological wellbeing. This event which is funded by the local Authority will provide a platform for women in Barking and Dagenham to discuss the impact the lockdown has on their health and suggest ways of addressing some of the issues they are currently facing. The information gathered from this event will also inform our organisation on their needs and enable the formation of strategies that will address those issues in partnership with relevant authorities.
Zoom Meeting ID: 88066432113, Passcode: 333206, Time: 6pm

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