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Let’s Talk About Dying Matters

Talking about dying matters can sometimes be the last thing people can think of. This could be because of many reasons including taboos, cultural issues or because it is not seen an immediate priority in the middle of many other urgent needs of life. On 24/7/22 we delivered a project Let’s Talk About Dying Matters that was funded by ‘Dying Matters’. The project works with comedians in supporting individuals who have lost loved ones and who are struggling to cope with bereavement process. It aims to create environment where a bereaving individuals can find it easy to discuss and talk about death, what they are going through and express their feelings more openly. This will allow them to move on and deal with the situation more easily and ultimately resume their day-to-day routines much quicker. It can also initiate solutions from within those affected such as  support groups that can continue providing support beyond the period of this project. On the day of the event information on local funeral service was provide and a lot of tips and information on other support services available including different leaflets from ‘Hospice UK’ and ‘Dying Matters’.  

The event was well attended and a number of suggestions were put forward to continue supporting people who are may be in similar situation. These include: continuation of such events either face to face or through zoom meeting, initiating support groups and initiating support services through different social media. These ideas will be discussed and plan of implementation agreed by the steering group established for this purpose. 


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