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Women Healthy Living Project

Women Healthy Living Project

Women Health Living Project will deliver series of zoom meetings on monthly basis to discuss issues related to women’s health.

The Need: Lack of information in different areas of health leads to embarrassment, shame and sometimes isolation and loneliness. On the other hand, taboo and stigma associated with certain female health conditions within the BAME communities further complicates the situation. They can lead to some individuals staying quiet unable to address them but not seeking appropriate help. The chosen topics are the ones that are commonly reported and women face these issues as they grow from teenage to older age. Lack of enough information on these topics can cause lasting effects to the physical and mental health of affected persons.

1) The normal and abnormal Menstrual cycles
2) Female Genital Mutilation
3) Teenage pregnancy & Family Planning
4) Causes of Infertility
5) Miscarriage
6) Healthy Living
7) Stress and Depression
8) Domestic Violence
9) Assertiveness
10) Coping Skills

1) To equip participants with information that will empower them to address issues affecting their health
2) To remove injustice originating from lack of information or mistreatment because of their gender.

Expected Outcome: Well informed and empowered participants who can address health issues themselves or through seeking proper support

The programme will be delivered by professionals who have the ability to listen and discuss with participants, advise or answer their questions. It is funded by Comic Relief.

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