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Women’s Health Project
This project is funded by Comic Relief. It addresses basic issues related to health of Girls and Women. The targeted group is Black & Ethnic Minority communities but anyone interested will be allowed to participate in these sessions. The lack of skills or knowledge in the selected topics cause a lot of embarrassment or shame and sometimes lead to isolation and loneliness. Taboo and stigma around these topics lead to some women and girls to stay quiet and unable to address these issues properly by not seeking appropriate help or information. The chosen topics cover issues some people (female) face as they grow from teenage to older age as women or mothers. Lack of information on some or all of these topics can cause lasting effects to the physical and mental health of those affected. The following topics were identified through a need assessment exercise that involved service users.

1) The normal and abnormal menstrual cycles
2) Female Genital Mutilation
3) Teenage pregnancy
4) Family Planning
5) Causes of Infertility
6) Miscarriage
7) Healthy Living
8) Stress and Depression
9) Domestic Violence
10) Assertiveness
11) Coping Skills

The project will equip girls and women with comprehensive information that will empower them to plan and decide their lives and remove the injustice originating from lack of information or mistreatment because of their gender. These sessions will be delivered monthly from November 2020 through ZOOM meetings by professionals in those topics who have the ability to listen and discuss with participants and address questions or concerns users may have in these areas,

Funded by Comic Relief

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